C+S moving to Cap Tamarin

07 July 2022

Cap Tamarin has brought on board the services of C+S Health Diagnostics (a subsidiary of the IBL Group’s Life Together) to meet the healthcare and wellness needs of the residents of the West with high quality holistic care.

The first phase of the project will be operational from September 2022. Existing buildings will be used for a medical diagnostics facility with emergency services, medical consultations, imaging, a medical analysis laboratory and an outpatient surgery unit.

The second phase in 2024 will include the construction of an extension to accommodate hospitalisation services and a special offer for senior citizens.

Residents of Cap Tamarin and the West will thus enjoy close proximity to healthcare services and access to a multidisciplinary team of specialists and general practitioners. “This really guarantees better consultation regarding patient care, whether for diagnosis, treatment, follow-up or rehabilitation,” says Olivier Schmitt, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Health & Wellness, IBL Life.

Read the full Cap sur Tamarin Magazine:

Cap sur Magazine-Edition 4-English

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