[Cap Sur Tamarin] An interview with… Frédéric Simon from ZiloWater

28 April 2021

The CEO of ZiloWater, Frédéric Simon tells us about his recent relocation to La Place Cap Tamarin and his water filtration solutions.

Welcome to Cap Tamarin!

Thank you! We are delighted to have set up our showroom here: we wanted to improve our accessibility by moving to Cap Tamarin.


Living on love and fresh water is…

… not being utopian! ZiloWater specialises in water filtration. We offer solutions that are compliant with European standards to individuals and professionals in order to filter their household and kitchen water, protect water tanks from impurities or treat rainwater. Moreover, we offer systems to prevent the build-up of limescale deposits and water dispensers for rent or sale.

Do you also distribute the Sodastream and Qwetch brands?

Absolutely. Sodastream allows you to make your own sparkling water or fizzy drink at home, and thus reduce your waste. The Qwetch brand offers 100% stainless steel vacuum flasks to keep your drinks hot or cold, as well as teapots, stainless steel straws and lunch boxes.


Thanks Frédéric! Anything you’d like to add to conclude this interview?

Water management remains a major issue for the future, and even more so for an island: we hope we can help Mauritius save its resources and minimise the generation of waste.


For further details, visit the showroom at La Place Cap Tamarin (open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5pm and Saturday by appointment) or the website.