5 good reasons to do your shopping at Cap Tamarin’s market

04 September 2020

Walking through the stalls, from the producer to the consum’actor, come and discover every Saturday at La Place Cap Tamarin 100% local and fresh products  at Cap Tamarin’s market. The market proposes organic fruits and vegetables, honey, pre-ordered dishes, cold cuts, pastries, ‘achards’, fruit compotes, soaps, artisanal products…

Wondering why you should do your shopping at Cap Tamarin’s market? Here are 5 good reasons!

1) Eat healthily

Cap Tamarin’s market welcomes exclusively local producers, committed to a charter of good practices, thus guaranteeing consumers healthy products. By doing your groceries at the market, you consume according to the seasons and can enjoy organic fruits and vegetables harvested at maturity. Moreover, the small distance covered to reach the market helps the local fruits and vegetables to keep their flavour and have a better nutritional density, unlike imported products.

2) Support local economy

Direct purchase from local producers and craftsmen help to participate in regional development and therefore contributes to the local economy A better compensation for the producers encourages them to increase their production and contributes to job creation.

3) Protect the environment

Doing one’s groceries at Cap Tamarin’s market is an opportunity to protect the environment. Indeed, consuming locally grown food helps to reduce environmental impacts related to transport (from farm-to-table) and/or conservation. Eating more locally sourced seasonal food also cuts one’s ecological carbon footprint. Moreover, Cap Tamarin in line with its ecological philosophy urges consum’actors to shun single-use plastic bags. Why not could opt for a jute or cloth bag for your groceries, or any other reusable bag!

4) Connect with the producers

You will also have the opportunity to meet the producers enquire about the origin of the products and learn about their farming practices (organic, sustainable…). They also often readily share recipes for the produce or products they sell.

5) Get some fresh air and go for a walk

The relaxed and convivial atmosphere, the tastings, the freshness, the social connections with the producers and the opportunity to spend some time outdoors make it a relaxed moment, to be enjoyed with family and friends. Indeed it looks like a real outing!

You’ve got it! Doing your shopping at Cap Tamarin’s market has numerous benefits for you, for the producers-craftsmen as well as the planet. Visit us every Saturday from 9am to 12am at La Place Cap Tamarin.