4 questions to Cédric Descombes

12 August 2022

Cédric Descombes is a resident of Tamarin and the General Manager of Plankton Recycling Co-operative Sty Ltd. He tells us more about this cooperative enterprise based in Bel Ombre.

What is the purpose of Plankton?

Plankton is a recycler. We turn glass bottles and jars into glass sand of different sizes for various uses. Most of our production is used for pool filtration systems. It is an eco-friendly solution that lasts longer and requires less maintenance.

What is the situation with regard to glass recycling in Mauritius?

Plankton is currently the only solution for glass recycling in Mauritius. There are about 16,000 tonnes of glass that end up in the Mare Chicose landfill every year and we recycle only 200-300 tonnes per year.

How can we recycle more glass?

We improved our capacity and speed with the purchase of a new glass crushing machine in 2018, but it remains underutilised. More emphasize should be put on collect initiatives (by multiplying these nearby depots…) to further encourage the households in their waste sorting.

Where can the residents of Black River drop off their glass waste?

Plankton initially collected only glass waste from hotels in the South of the island. In 2019, Big Willy’s became a collection point for local residents. The residents of Tamarin and the neighbouring villages can also now put their glass waste in the sorting bins provided for this purpose in the Super U car park.

Plankton Recycling Co-operative Sty Ltd[email protected] | +230 5254 0334


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