3 questions to Géraldine Jauffret, CEO of Life Together

26 October 2022

As announced in our previous issue, a diagnostic centre and outpatient clinic, will soon move to Tamarin! Work is well underway and we have met with the CEO, Géraldine Jauffret, in order to know what drives Life Together‘s desire to put people at the heart of their approach through a new positioning in the health and well-being sector.

How are the human and psychological dimensions included in the current health system?

Through mutual trust, which is achieved by listening and sharing! Patients are increasingly aware, demanding and attentive, and their pain must be treated as a whole to alleviate physical, psychological and emotional suffering. They have access to health professionals who want to offer the best care in a state-of-the-art and secure environment. We are human beings caring for and supporting other human beings!

Why do health and well-being require research and development?

Research helps us better understand the beauty and complexity of our bodies, our minds, and the environment in which we live. In curative and preventive care, we use the innovation of our research and development division to assist market players: CIDP in terms of clinical research, Panacea in the field of aromatherapy, etc.

What exactly is the care and health process at Life Together?

Life Together offers patients a holistic, lifelong approach through a five-step healthcare pathway – prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and support. A Life | C+S diagnostic centre and a Life I Viva ambulatory clinic will be operational in Cap Tamarin in early 2023.

This process will allow the various professionals involved to work together and exchange information for comprehensive patient care. The latter are surrounded, supervised and accompanied to face their disease with serenity.

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