1, 2, 3: surf!

26 July 2021

Cyril Theveneau is a well-known figure of local surfing. This child of the ocean has been an instructor of the discipline for more than 40 years at the Tamarin Bay Surf School. It’s there, in the mythical bay of Tamarin, that he teaches kids how to whisper to the waves…



Cyril teaches surfing in the deep waters and stays close to the child during each session. As such, it’s not essential for them to know how to swim well to start: only the motivation counts! The youngest (as from 3.5 years) benefit from individual sessions of 30 minutes. For those aged around 5-6 years, the lessons last for an hour and the child gets to join a small group at his level. 



Cyril knows how to put his young students at ease, and adapts to their individual needs. The learners have to wear a life jacket, a suit designed for surfing and special shoes to avoid injuries. The presence of a parent can also be reassuring.



Cyril’s biggest joy is to see his learners progress while having fun. This is, however, only one part of the experience: learning to surf is a calming activity for children, it improves their confidence and coordination, while allowing them to gradually be at ease with the ocean. After all, nothing can be more exhilarating than to stand on a surfboard!


3 ½- 4 years: Rs. 800/30 min.
5-6 years: Rs. 1 500/hr.
Discount rates are applicable for small groups
The surf school provides all the equipment


For more information: 
W: surf-maurice.com
T: 5257 5050
You can also meet Cyril directly; his school is close to Veranda hotel in Tamarin.