02 juillet 2018

Eric Triton is a well-known Mauritian musician, recognised on the international music scene. The guitar virtuoso is known for creatively merging sega, blues and jazz with his vocal roar to bring Mauritian-tinged performances to the world.

His inspiration?

The village of Tamarin is a source of inspiration for Eric Triton. A handful of his childhood memories played out here, from camping and playing football on Tamarin’s beach to fishing in the lagoon and watching the sunset. Holding his guitar, reminiscing on these memories while overlooking the magnificent azure bay of Tamarin, it’s no wonder Eric comes here to compose songs from time to time.

Dan Lwes1

Drawing inspiration from his journey with the village of Tamarin, Eric Triton composed the Cap Tamarin jingle, which you can listen to HERE and download from HERE.

And to show his support of the Cap Tamarin project, Eric Triton quoted a line from one of his songs, Ou Tilé, “Levolision enn solision ki pa touy nou tradision2.”

*1 – Dan Lwes: Creole for ‘In the west’
*2 – Levolision enn solision ki pa touy nou tradision: Creole for ‘Evolution is a solution that doesn’t kill our tradition’